The Election and what Bishops have to say …

The Church of England Bishops have written an open letter to the churches, and anyone else who will listen, in advance of the election; you can see it here. They aren’t telling us who to vote for but do talk about the way that we are moving as a society and suggest that the election is a time to take stock.

Essentially they are saying that while politics matter hugely, community matters more.

I was asked to give some thought to the election by Bishop John (one of our bishops) and wrote a post for the Faith in Action blog called ‘Can we be bothered to vote?‘ which looks at some of these issues.

If you want to listen to our candidates responding to our questions you could go to Holy Trinity Church in Rayleigh on Saturday 11th April at 7.30pm. The candidates will be there responding to our question. For more details go to

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