Where is God calling us? A theme for Lent.

Elizabeth preached this morning – the first Sunday in Lent. Lent is a time of preparation so we will be ready to receive the wonderful Good News of the victorious love of God in the Easter message.

You can listen to Elizabeth here … 

She looked at the message that Jesus picked up from John the Baptist as he set out on his work of proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

The message was one of forgiveness (leaving the past behind) and repentance (changing the way we live in the light of God’s Love). These two are inseparable, starting with a clean slate opens up new possibilities in God’s Kingdom.

For Jesus this included …

  • Telling people the amazing news of God’s forging love
  • Caring for people who are hurting
  • Helping people to understand the possibilities that life as a disciple of Jesus opens up
  • Challenging injustice and standing with those who get crushed by ‘the system’
  • Praying; Jesus spent a lot of time praying to his Father, it underpinned all that he did

Elizabeth said that we are asked to do all five things: telling, caring, teaching, challenging and praying and as Jesus’ Church we continue his work. But God has given us each special gifts and maybe we are particularly drawn to one more than the others.

Which aspect of Jesus’ life and work do you warm to?

How would you like to change, so as to be more like Jesus?

Lent will be a time to think and pray about this question

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